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Who can become a Freemason?

We welcome applications for membership from men, over the age of twenty one, who profess a belief in a supreme being. We are non-denominational, and accept men of all faiths and creeds. There is no requirement for a minimum social standing, wealth or profession. Our members work in a number of fields including Aviation, Civil Engineering, Information Technology, Broadcast Media, and the Armed Forces.

What is it all about?

It is generally accepted that the origins of Freemasonry lie within the stonemasons guild formed during the middle ages during the construction of the monasteries and cathedrals. The coming of the humble house brick meant that the demand for highly skilled stonemasons waned. This coincided with the age of enlightenment and the original guilds began to accept men who interests lied not in the formation of stone buildings but in the formation of a philosophy to make men of good character. Today very few Freemasons carve stone for a living, but the desire to make good men better still continues and our charitable work remains a key part of Freemasonry.

What does it entail?

Mercury Lodge formally meet seven times a year, at 6pm on Wednesdays and once a year on a Saturday. There are a similar number of administrative meetings during the year. We also have social events, and many of our members take the opportunity to meet with members of other lodges.

Our meetings normally last just over an hour, and comprise of an administrative aspect, a ceremonial aspect and usually a report on the lodges charitable activities. Afterwards we have a formal but relaxed sit-down dinner.

What do I get?

While masonry will not directly enhance your career or status, Freemasonry engenders qualities of self-discipline, integrity and respect for others. Many of our members find that the self confidence the they have gained by their participation in masonry has helped them in life and that the moral lessons they have learned have enabled them to become a better husband, father or friend. Others have found that Freemasonry offers them the chance to meet new friends that they would not have otherwise have the chance to meet.

Would you like to know more?

If you have any further questions or would like to know more about Freemasonry, please do not hesitate to leave your details using the contact link below, and we will get back to you. There are over 8000 lodges in the UK, so if you are interested in Freemasonry, but you do not live in the local area, or would be normally unavailable, we can forward your enquiry appropriately.

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